Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Last day of 8th grade...

Today was Max's last day of 8th grade. 

He was quite unwell most of the school year, but he kept on smiling throughout.

His first day of school this year.

And here he is today, the end of his 8th grade year.

I've been asked multiple times this week if I was sad that Max was going to be in high school.  I haven't felt sad about it even once, every single year he moves on is a gift. This year has been a really trying year for him.  He's been so strong and still smiling through all of the pain he's had physically and emotionally this year. He's been so upset with not feeling his best, and just wants to continue to feel better.  He has a sparkle in his eyes and tells everyone who comes in, "I feel good." And that makes me so happy.

For his last day, he wanted to take his teacher on a walk to his pond.  We got there and it started raining so we booked it back home for him to chat just a bit before she left.

Mary asked for him to tell her good-bye for the summer and this was what he had to say.

He doesn't beat around the bush, this one.  He knew as soon as his teacher left, summer would begin.  He said it all with a smile and waved her good-bye.

I'm excited for him to have the summer break he's been wanting, and for him to start high school in August. His new classmates are so ready to welcome him into their class, and he's looking forward to having friends to interact with again at school.

Here's hoping for a happy, HEALTHY summer! So long middle school!

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