Wednesday, January 10, 2018

I am a king...

Max is gearing up for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2018.  Since he will be off of school Monday, he and his teacher had their annual MLK school day today. 

He wanted to listen to the I Have A Dream speech first. He typed out "I have a dream" on his abc page. 

Mrs. B asked if he wanted to write in his journal.  He said "journal first ice cream listen for meetings and period." This was a joke, and he thought it was funny. I told him do some work and we can talk about having ice cream.  Mrs. B asked what he likes about the I Have A Dream speech. 

He started again, "journal it was the most important we my   dream. man was not going to see dream.  some love dream. important for me to see it so much as I know the most important." He was just getting started and very excited to talk, this is often how his words come out when he starts talking. He goes very quickly and uses a lot of words to try to get his thoughts across.  

He is saying here that the dream is most important to him, and man (MLK) was not going to see dream before he died.

Mrs. B asked what he likes so much about MLK.

"king was very important to me"

"Feel Pride"

Mrs. B asked Max what does freedom mean to him.

He said it means "all right to do anything and attack over rights." I asked if that means you are free to do anything and you fight for your rights and he said yes.

 Mrs. B asked Max what does the I Have A Dream speech mean.

"Brothers just have different color"

"Was dream every man love every one."

By this time he was warmed up and had more to say.  "I have a question. Can I ask you something? Where Where are we going? Brother back to the first time the world was not little bad.  If we are the only way for world I could be a king..."

...I am a king. Feeling pride in my life to go ahead"

"I am a king."

We will go visit the Martin Luther King, Jr. park this weekend, as it is a tradition and something that is very meaningful to our thoughtful guy.  If you join in any MLK events or parades this weekend in your city, leave a comment on Max's blog or Facebook page so he can join along with you.

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