Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Happy New Year!!

New year, new post of me saying I need to get caught up on the ol' blog!

I left off on Max's birthday and we had a couple of very busy months of getting big sis shipped off to her new adventures.  Then, Thanksgiving, then Santa's Little Hackers, then Christmas....and whew....just coming up from all of that.

Max had an okay holiday season.  We're still working on the best level of testosterone for him, paired with having all the feelings about big sis moving out and he was a bit emotional through the holidays. We also are down a nurse so none of us are on our "A" game with not sleeping great.  We hopefully are starting to figure all of that out and starting to see some smiles again.

In the busyness of it all, I tried to get some photos of Max when he was having good days.

Max got his annual visit from Fireman Santa.  Our local fire department has continued to come visit him even though he's maybe a little older than the other kids they come to visit.  He told Santa he wanted a toy for Christmas.

We went to see the lights at the botanic gardens on the most crowded night we've ever experienced. There were a few areas that we were able to break away from the crowds and Max enjoyed all the lights!

Max was having an especially difficult day on this day, but with a few cuddles and a special letter from Hogwarts, by way of friends in England he cheered up a bit.

Christmas Eve Max tolerated us opening gifts and popping crackers - but that's about all the fun he wanted to have.  He was just ready for Santa to come!

Santa came and brought a NERF gun that Daddy switch adapted for him.  We're working on figuring out the best way to attach it to his wheelchair.

This pretty much sums up Christmas for us.  Max was so tired because as it turns out Momma and Daddy are pretty rubbish at helping him sleep all night when his nurse isn't here.

A few days after Christmas we got out to the park.  Max told us he wanted to go somewhere, to the park.  So we went and had a great time in the cold sunny weather.

And took walks in the open space around the house too.

Max got these silly socks for Christmas.  Tacosaurs.

He likes seeing the old motorcycles at the outdoor store near our house.

New Year's Day we took a long drive to see some different scenery.

 And took George on a long walk before we got a bunch of snow which has kept us inside since!

And of course, having some special online visits with big sis while she's away has helped with missing her too.

That's us all caught up for now!  Thanks for reading along.

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