Sunday, December 13, 2015

December update...

Time for a mid-December update on the Monster!

We have been busy in year two of our non-profit Santa's Little Hackers.  There has been a huge influx of requests for toys, so we've been filling all our free time with that.  Along with Steve traveling more than he's ever needed to travel for work.  We are hoping the travel will slow a bit for us to enjoy Christmas together. 

So, what's been going on with Max in December? 

He took a trip to the train station to try to find Santa, but he wasn't there.  He found a train instead and got to see some of the decorations around the station. 

And of course, Santa came to his house.  We're so grateful to Westminster fire department for making a visit to Max at home each year.  It is the best because Max can visit with the big man when he's most comfortable.  This year he whispered to Santa what he wants...and isn't giving it up in speech therapy either. So here's hoping Santa gets it right, because mom and dad don't have any idea of what he asked for!

He was very pleased with himself when he told Santa his secret.  Such a sweet guy, he loves Santa. 

In art therapy he's been working on some Christmas pictures.  

Christmas turtles with Christmas lights.  This was his special creation!


He came up with this on his own too. 

Which left us scrambling to find him a white tshirt to design. 


And finally....FINALLY...Max got to visit with his friends at school.  The transition to Middle School has been a bumpy ride, and he has been so excited to seeing his friends again. 

Max even helped mom and dad out by teaching the University for Colorado School of Medicine students on how to make toys for Santa's Little Hackers.  He showed them how the toys work.  He is the official toy tester, after all. 

Professor Max!


Max finishes up school before the holidays this week, then we'll have more Christmas fun in store.  

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