Saturday, March 14, 2015

Stair Robot...

We have had a ramp in our garage since we've lived here.  As Max has grown in size and weight, that ride down the ramp has only gotten more challenging.  It would take far more room than we have to have a ramp with the correct slope.

This problem has caused us to get we do.  A lift wouldn't work on the front of our house, because we would have to cut into the foundation to attach it.  A ramp wouldn't work in the front, back, or sides because there isn't enough space between houses, or from our front door to the street to place a ramp...unless our neighbors wanted a fantastic wheelchair ramp to reach beyond their front porches, or for Max to roll straight into the street.  It was just not possible.

I found one possibility, but of course it wasn't an easy solution.  Enter Max's newest robot, the Scalamobil.  This awesome new robot attaches to Max's wheelchair to climb him up and down steps!

Friday we got a visit from Brian at Frank Mobility to train us on using Max's new ride.  It's all about the balance.  The Scalamobil is incredibly stable and does most of the work.

While Max was still snoozing, Steve and I got a chance to get trained.  

I made Steve go first, so I could watch and take photos!

Then Max woke up and it was his turn.  This was his first trip out of the front door in years!

You can't see all the smiles he was giving us, but he thought it was a great ride!

Max's wheelchair rolls onto the tracks and clamps in at the handles.  The wheel system then climbs his chair up or down the steps.  There are little wheels that will brake at the edge of the steps.  It was actually pretty cool to see how we couldn't push his chair off the steps...the robot made sure he didn't go rolling down the steps! (Daddy too....but the robot was extra help.)

We will need to put some reinforcement strips on the edges of our steps so they aren't torn up.  And may need to replace the steps out front altogether to make it sturdier for the new wear and tear we will be putting on them.  But, once we practice more, we will have a great way to get Max in and out of the house! 


star_lover28 said...

This update makes me happy happy :)

Rob S said...

I'm curious about something..I looked at the site and it says the device works for a wide variety of manual wheelchairs and didn't mention power chairs, but obviously you found a way to adapt it for Max's power chair... Is that what this system is designed to do? Or did you have to get special training and adapt the specificed recommendations to make it work with his chair?

Deana said...

HI Rob,

Max's chair is a manual wheelchair. I'm not sure if it would work on a power chair or not, because it needs the clearance under the chair for the scalamobil's motor.