Thursday, September 4, 2014

Photo Mash-up...

We've been getting into the swing of school, but I want to end up this summer with my catch-all photo post.  These don't necessarily go together, other than I don't have any other post to put them with.  So, bare with me while I share a few of Max's happenings. 

Max wanted to make and EAT chocolate chip cookies.  Max rarely wants to eat something by mouth.  But when he does, chances are it's pizza or chocolate. 

We found some splash fountains at the art museum to run his feet through on one of our last hot days of summer. 

Cleaning up his school room, I found his little baby "Livestrong" bracelet.  One of the PICU nurses gave this to us during one of his "fight for his life" hospital stays.  Boy, that seems like a lifetime ago, and still so close. 

Max was ready for art therapy, and thought he would like to wait at the door for his art teacher.  I think a new project will have to be how to get him out on the front porch easily with a little ramp.  

They're a blur, because they were moving so quickly!  Max got to go to his first skating party for school.  He got to see a few friends, and had a great time skating.  Next up, ice skating!

Max went on a field trip to find gold.  Well, he went to the creek that the first gold in Colorado was found.  

We didn't find gold, but it was a beautiful creek. With parking, the sign with all the information about the significance of the place and a bridge over the water it made for a very easy history lesson/field trip for Max. 

Again, he's a blur of movement, but he's working telling his teacher which pizza is the correct fraction answer.  But, pizza was involved, so he was very excited! 


Elizabeth said...

It looks like a fine summer, and I think Max has shot up and grown even more!

Thia said...

Pizza and chocolate...excellent taste.