Friday, September 26, 2014

Neighbor Officer...

Max got another visitor from an officer this week.  This time it was a neighbor who is a police officer for the University of Colorado.

When the other officers came, Max didn't get to see the motorcycles up close, so Neighbor Officer brought his bike for Max to see.

Max's chair is the right color to be a CU officer, black and gold.  

Max got a hat and a patch for his uniform.  He also got another special coin. 

He had a pretty rough day the day before, because of an allergy attack.  He was still dealing with the leftovers of his increased medicine and increased itchiness.  

Even with all that, he still was so excited to see Neighbor Officer, and his really cool motorcycle. 

Max has wanted to wear his officer hats every time we have left the house recently.  His little peanut head is too tiny for the big officer hats, so he likes to wear them backwards, or like this.  I think this is a great way for officers to wear hats!

Thank you to Neighbor Officer for coming by and letting Max see another really cool side of being an officer.  They talked about all the types of vehicles officers use.  Max likes the fast cars, the motorcycles, but thinks he's going to be an officer on a bicycle.  

Good thing, since Max's bike rides are back on now that the weather is starting to cool.  

Watch out...Officer Max is on patrol!

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