Saturday, July 5, 2014

Free to be Max...

We have spent many 4th of July's with seizures, and hospital stays, and being too tired from medicine to stay awake, and too much rain or being too hot to enjoy the day.  But yesterday, everything fell into place and Max had a wonderful day!

It started off really warm and I thought we were going to have one of our too hot to enjoy it days.  Steve got out to run some errands and Max stayed home with me to stay cool.  In the afternoon, the storm clouds started rolling in and we ended up getting a great rain shower.  The shower moved through and we were left with cooler temperatures and nice clear air to enjoy the rest of the evening.

I asked Max this year if he would like to do some fireworks and he told me yes!  Steve and Abbey picked out all the yellow they could find that would be safe for him to light and hold.  Oh yeah...Max got to hold his own sparklers this year for the first time.  We fixed up a long stick with a notch cut out to stick the sparkler or punk to light the bigger fireworks.

Max had a real blast!  Our neighborhood really does holidays big, and he was surrounded by big booms and lights in the sky all evening.  It was the best 4th of July we've had with him to date.  I always feel like we're leaving him out, or he's not getting to do the same fun things the other kids are doing.  Not this year, he was right in the middle of it all!

So now, on to the photos!  He had SO much fun!

Max was wanting more fireworks today, so we had to break the bad news to him that it only happens once a year, like Halloween or Christmas.  At the mention of those two, he was over the fireworks and just wanted his birthday and Christmas to come.  We have plenty of fun times between then, though.  

But until then, we may have to find some more sparklers...because this smile is brighter than any firework. 


Thia said...

What fun! Glad it cooled off.

Elizabeth said...

I wish we lived closer to one another -- this looks like so much fun, and I'd just love to see Max in action, enjoying his life.

Deana said...

Elizabeth, we would need the ocean and mountains for our kids! One of these days we're getting our boy back to California...and we will meet!