Sunday, June 1, 2014

Angus Mohr Concert...

Steve and Abbey have been members of a local Crossfit gym, Defy! Limitations for several years.  We have had so much support from them through the years with Max.  A friend from the gym would come up to the hospital every time we landed in the ER with dinner, and set up the time for Max to go to camp.  A friend from the gym helped get Max's van lift installed.  A friend from the gym coordinated the construction efforts.  Countless friends have lent their muscles to move Max's heavy equipment to get it into the house.  Since Steve hurt his back and shoulder moving Max, he hasn't been able to go to the gym to work out, but Abbey still goes regularly.  The leader of this great community is Jonathan Sabar.  He's known as "Coach" in our house, as he's Abbey's powerlifting coach and has been an integral part in her training and competing.  

Jonathan contacted us in the spring about having a benefit concert at the gym for Max with the band Angus Mohr playing.  We coordinated with the band and gym and set the date.  It finally came yesterday, and we had a blast!

Max asked his dad for a kilt when he had a work trip to Scotland in March.  Steve looked in several shops for a Watson tartan, but couldn't find one in Max's size.  He got a Blackwatch instead, and Max got to wear it to the concert.  Since they are Highlands Rock and Roll, they all wear kilts.  It was the perfect opportunity for Max to wear his new kilt...with a yellow shirt, of course.  

When we got there it was already rocking and full of fans! Max jumped right in and started dancing and smiling to the music.  

The venue, Defy! Limitations gym in Broomfield, CO 
Max starting to dance to the music

While a lot of the crowd was there because they follow the band, there were also a lot of friends from the gym, and friends of Max.  He had his friends Ty and Lily along with their whole families too.  Two of Max's nurses came with their partners and our friends the Clarks stopped in too.  It was a fun filled day.  Lots of love, and music...the perfect combination for our boy. 

Max's friends taking him to the front for a dance.

A band break and a moment to visit with everyone.

Max's nurses came to rock out with him.

pipes and guitar, a rocking combination

Max had a lot of help dancing.  The pin on his kilt is from someone in the Campbell Clan, he's an honorary Campbell now. 

Paul comes back to share a little bass with Max.

Max got one of the shirts, so he's officially an Angus Mohr groupie now.  

It was a great success, the numbers are still coming in, but over $3000 was raised for Max's medical needs and ongoing care.

A lot of raffle tickets were sold for the custom made guitar donated by Guitar Center of Westminster, and designed by Eddie Mize.

Max's buddy (and his dad) won the guitar in the raffle.  Ty wanted to show Max his new guitar and promised to bring it next time they have a jam session together with Ms. Laura.

Max with the guys from Angus Mohr

Angus Mohr with the Watson Clan

It was a wonderful event.  Max had a blast, we all enjoyed watching him enjoy the music so much and visiting with his friends.  Thank you to everyone who had a part in planning the day for our guy.  And thank you everyone who came out to support Max.  You all rock!

*I've tried to upload videos, but blogger is not allowing it for some reason.  I will try to post them to Max's Facebook page

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Just amazing -- all of it. What a wonderful community you are a part of --