Monday, September 12, 2011

Max goes to camp...

For as long as Max has been in speech therapy, his therapists have recommended a week long camp, called Talking With Technology Camp, to work on using his Dynavox computer that helps him communicate, while getting to have fun at camp at the same time.

It's something that we haven't thought was a great idea, because Max would have to be around other campers. But, it's something that we've wished he could do, because it always sounded like such fun. This year, it came around, and Max's speech therapist has the role of running the camp. Again, she suggested it, but knew we likely wouldn't have Max go. Especially after the time in the hospital up to that point.

That week came, and we got a first hand account of the camp, held at the Easter Seals Rocky Mountain Village, from our friend who was also working there. She came back from camp and told us how amazing it was, how the kids got to do things like everyone else. How she's never seen smiles so big before. And then, she told us she was so impressed by the camp, she asked the director if Max could come out for a time to do some of the activities when there weren't a lot of people around because of his ability to catch colds and not fight them off very easily.

The program director, and I talked through some possible times, and set it up that this past Saturday we would come out for Max to take a horse ride, and go on a zip-line. Yes, I said a zip-line.

When we got up there, Amy took us around the camp and showed us all of the great activities, and facilities. It truly is a great place for people with disabilities and their families to go enjoy Colorado's beautiful mountains, and activities that are all accessible.


We signed the waivers, and he was off. Even though it's the off season, they had a group from Catholic Charities there who were holding camp for some adults with disabilities. They were finishing up their activities as we arrived, so Max was the last rider of the day.

He found his place on Trinket, his painted pony, with a few helpers to make sure he stayed upright on the horse, and didn't kick her too much.

And away they went, for several times around the arena.


It was cool and windy, but Max was relaxed and enjoyed every minute of his time with Trinket.

Big Sis got to ride around a couple of times too.

Next, it was time for Momma's heart to find it's way up to her throat, and Daddy's heart to beat out of his chest with excitement. Time for the zip-line.

He was put into a harness, strapped and secured in.

Then pulleyed up to the top, to meet Tom the Welshman.

Then Tom let Max goooooo......

and off he flew...

Once he slowed, they caught him and brought him down in the cherry picker.

Then back safely in his chair...

But only for a few minutes, because he was back up to the top as soon as we could get him up there to go again.

We couldn't hear him, but his legs kicking and stretched out told us he had fun with it. It was exciting to see him flying through the air.

Below, are two posts with videos of his adventures.

Zip-line Mission, and Cowboy Max. Again, a great big huge thanks to our buddy Krista for putting this together for Max to enjoy. And all of the crew at Rocky Mountain Village for giving Max a special day!