Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Diggers...

Max has been working very hard on authoring his first book.  His teacher sent home this "make your own book" book for him on Valentine's day.  He knew straight away what he wanted to write about. Starting at the front of the year, a big lot near our house has been transforming into a new Whole Foods Market.  While it will be great to have a Whole Foods a few minute walk from our house,  Max has loved, loved, loved all the construction that has been going on.  Each day, as the weather has cooperated, we have taken a walk to see the diggers.  It was only natural Max would want to write about the construction.  

He named his book: "The Diggers"

He worked during speech therapy each week to create a page with a photo and a few words about the picture he chose to go with each page.  

I GO see the diggers with MOM and DAD.
Daddy would take a break at lunch, or after his work day to go see the diggers with Max.
I see OFFICIALS (workers) there.
When the workers saw Max visiting, they would sometimes put on a little extra show for him, and make the big snorting machines snort a little more, and swing a few times for him to see.  
I am LITTLE next to the AWESOME crane.
He watched as they went from an open field to pouring concrete for the foundation and walls.

mean machine please thank you (when asked what he thought of the diggers "mean machine" was his description)
If we caught it just right, there would be a digger parked for the night outside of the work area so Max could get up close.  He was holding on to his own bulldozer making it honk, beep and rumble next to the real sized one.

Thank you (for taking me) mom...also a please in there to go again.
 I can't find the photo Max used in his book, but this is a photo of him and his speech therapist, B.  She would reward Max with a walk over to see the diggers when he did a great job talking during therapy.

Open, open, open!  Max finished his book by saying "OPEN!"

Max will continue to watch the new store go up, although the diggers have slowed considerably since they have the frame of the building up.  Maybe his next book will be about all the other buildings that will go up around the store. 

Max liked wearing his digger hat like the workers.


Elizabeth said...

Terrific job, Max! Maybe you should sell some copies for your fundraiser!

Junior said...

Great job on your book Max and so cool that you get to see all those diggers.