Friday, January 24, 2014


It often humors me when I read comments about how stir crazy people become when they have a few days stuck in the house due to weather.  We're going on being stuck in the house all winter long for 10 years.  I can sing you every word, to every song, on every PBS Kids show.  Hibernating is always difficult.  Especially when the flu season hits hard.  Since Max isn't protected from it, we have to keep him away from the sneezes and coughs.  It's even more so on the years that flu vaccines don't work. Which seems to be every year lately!

One thing we can continue to do through the winter months is take walks.  Our neighborhood is getting a new Whole Foods store.  We're excited they've broken ground.  It will be easy to walk a couple of streets over to get the groceries we like to get from there, or even just for a little treat.  Max is most excited about all the diggers beep beeep beeeeeeeping while they dig up the mountains of dirt.

The other day during speech therapy, he invited Ms. B to take a walk with him to go see the diggers.  We walked over in the beautiful sunshine and Max and Ms. B talked about what the diggers were doing.

Since they have just started construction, I'm sure we'll be making many trips over to see the diggers and watch the building go up.  I think Max really enjoyed taking Ms. B. out around his neighborhood to show her his view of things.  She's always so great to treat whatever he's excited about as something special.  Now, we just have to convince him he doesn't need to take walks to see the diggers every time she shows up for therapy!

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Very exciting, on different levels!