Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy October!!!

It's October!  My favorite month of the year, Max's too.  It's birthday month!

We've had an idea for a few weeks about what we would like to get the Monster for his 10th birthday. We'll be celebrating all month the birth of our amazing son, so we're starting the month with his big present.

To celebrate Max's grand love of music, we thought BIG!  Because Max is BIG!


What's bigger than his own piano?


Of course, Max wanted to play right away with his feet, so we helped him be gentle.


Until we get a box made to put the piano up to a higher height for him to play with his hands while he's in his chair, we'll help him with his hands too. 


He sat and listened to Daddy play for a long time.  George kept watch out the window for any attack bunnies. 

It's a Baldwin console piano, and just the right size for Max's bedroom.  We had a budget from the sale of Max's CD and some funds we had raised over the past year for Max's music therapy, and the rest of it we paid for.  So if you like, you - Max's supporters helped buy him his big birthday present!

We found it for sale used by a young guy who is starting out his piano restoring business.  He and his friend delivered and tuned the piano as part of the sale.  He showed Steve how he took all the pieces apart, restored or cleaned it, and put it back together.  If you're looking for a piano, or to have one serviced or tuned, we will definitely recommend him to you!  

Max had a concert last night as he was getting ready for bed, and another this morning as he was waking up.  I'm going to have to brush up on my piano lessons to remember how to play more than Chopsticks.  But until then, it's good he has a Daddy who can play!

This post brought to you by...**Don't ever tell a new parent their child won't play piano after brain surgery.**


Elizabeth said...

Oh, how wonderful! And I love the last sentence!

ferfischer said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the last line. Oh, and can you send me the info on the piano guy?