Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bike ride with friends...

Max is turning 10 next month.  In a boy's 10 years, he will learn to make friends, and learn to ride a bike. Then the boy and his friends will go on bike rides for hours on end.  This evening, thanks to some planning between parents of Max's classmates, Max got to enjoy another first in his life, going for a bike ride after school.

Max and his crew riding their bikes through the neighborhood.


And they left me, and a couple of the other parents, in the dust!


It was an incredible fall day to be outside with friends!

What a gang of guys!  These boys have shown such a genuine interest and friendship with Max.  They love to get to know him more, and hang out with him.  One of them suggested this should become a weekly event; bike rides with Max.

When you're having this much fun, how could you disagree with such an idea?


Elizabeth said...

That is so wonderful.

Junior said...

Max it looks like you had an awesome time riding with your friends.

Unknown said...

This made my heart happy.