Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Music again...

Max certainly did sleep yesterday...all day long!  He woke up around 8:00pm, and stayed awake until 5:00am.  It's good we haven't seen a seizure since increasing his keppra dose again.  But, he has been a bit Hulkish at times...that junk can really bring out the grumpies in him when we're getting him to a therapeutic dose.

I was really thinking I would see him sleep through today too, since he was up all night.  But, today was a special day.  Mrs. Laura was coming back for music after having her sweet little baby!

Max did a great job of staying awake for most of the therapy time, and even got a little relaxation time with Mrs. Laura working with him.  She has a way about helping him calm down.


He made sure to show her he still remembered how to play music by singing along, banging the drum, and playing the cabasa all at once.

Tonight, I'm hoping with every ounce of energy I've got that he will sleep.  It's been a mighty exhausting few days around here!

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