Saturday, March 23, 2013

Snips, and Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails...

The other night as I was making dinner, I took a moment to spray the water bottle on the fairy garden I got for my birthday.  I was looking at the leaves of one of the ferns, and saw it move.  A FAIRY!!!

But then, it raised it's head from the garden box, and I saw it was NOT a fairy!

Is was an icky, slimy, yucky, creepy sluggy slug.

"Get it out of here!"  Was my first reaction.

"Can I pour salt on it?" Was big sis's first reaction.

"Max, do you want to touch it?" Was Daddy's first reaction.








This is the point where George said, "NOPE!  Not on my boy!"  And things got a little exciting.

George did not like that buggy thing on Max, so we cut the biology lesson a little short because George wouldn't leave it alone.

Max liked having the slug...snail...whatever it was sliming around on his hand.  And was very careful with it.  He can't wait for spring gardening time so he can stick his toes in the fresh dirt and let the worms tickle his toes.

Yes, this is what little boys are made of.

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Lauren said...

Eww!!! But very cool pictures! Hopefully next time it will be a slime-less fairy.