Friday, March 8, 2013


Max has been learning about volcanos for a couple of months now.  Wednesday, was the big day that he got to erupt his very own volcano!

He learned by watching videos, and books with his teacher, and made this paper project.


Max's little cousin liked the picture so much that she made her own.

Once his unit was done, it was time to make a volcano and make it erupt!

I put the cone, and plaster together following the instructions from the teacher's plan book.  I got mixed up about one thing...instead of 1, 1oz container of baking soda.  I made the mistake of putting the WHOLE container (8 oz) of baking soda in the volcano model.  Oops!

The plaster dried overnight, and then it was time to paint!

I set Max up with his talker and asked him what colors he wanted to use.  He wasn't feeling like participating, so I started painting the bottom color black.  That's when he piped up and told me what he thought.


"work my"...he let me know it was his to finish, so that's just what he did.  He chose the colors, and painted.  He also told me his volcano was on an island and in the ocean.



Believe me, it was difficult to get a clear photo with helping to hold his paintbrush, guiding where the paint goes, and trying to focus the camera.  But, here's a photo of him holding the paintbrush by himself.  Guess when he got the paint on his face!



Oh, he was pretty proud of his final product!



He wanted YELLOW lava.  I did not have food coloring, but I did have plenty of turmeric!  So we went the natural route. 


Again, it had to dry overnight.  Max wanted his classmate buddy to come over and help him with the eruption.  They had fun playing music together, and had fun with science together!   Max is over to the side so he can see the eruption, but he's there and thought it was a great volcano!

After it was finished, Zach explained again what happened with the eruption, and how the volcano was made.  They had made one in class, but he enjoyed getting to do it again with Max!


Max and his class still need to discuss his eruption, and Max has a few questions to answer with his teacher, then his volcano unit will be done.  But, now we get to tick off one more thing off Max's list of things he gets to do like every kid his age! 

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Elizabeth said...

As I've said before, I love reading about Max's activities and how he participates in everything. That volcano project looks very impressive!