Thursday, March 14, 2013

Good ol' George...

We haven't had a George update in a while.

George is still as great as ever.  While he still is ornery from time to time, he is still just a 1 year old dog!  He's still a wonderful companion for Max, and knows he's his #1 person.  We decided after Max's last hospitalization that we will not pursue having him trained to be a proper helper dog.  Not that he won't be that at home, but he loves people, and kids, and excitement far too much to be in a hospital room with Max, when Max is at his sickest.  We think the better option will be once Max can take trips outside when he's inpatient, we will bring George up for visits.  But thankfully, we haven't had to face that this winter, and they've just had a lot of time together uninterrupted!

George has been enjoying the snowy weather we've been getting this early spring, and can not get enough time outside when it's snowing...or after it's snowing...or when it's melting.  He's definitely a water loving dog!

When Max has a bath, George is right there trying to get in the tub with him.  At least he'll mind and sit down beside the bath, since it's just not big enough to share.  It would be great if they could swim together somewhere.  I think they would both love it!

George prefers to wake Max up every morning, but no one gets to wake Max up, since abrupt waking can cause him to have a seizure.  So, once Max is awake in the morning, George gets up on his bed and has a good cuddle with him.  He's figured out the routine enough to know when we're going from the bedroom to the living room, and gets down and finds his place next to Max's chair in the living room.

George is such a funny dog, he really has a funny personality.  He likes to finish his food, then play with the bowl all around the floor.  He'll throw it around until we take it away, or fill it back up.  But even that doesn't always stop him from playing with it.  In fact, if he wasn't done playing with it, he will dump all the food out and keep playing.  Then cleans up his mess by eating his food.

This morning, he wanted more food since his bowl was empty, and brought it to me, I told him to wait. He took it to Steve who was busy.  Since we weren't following his directions, he took it to the only person who would understand him. . . Max.

He carried his bowl over to Max and dropped it at his feet.  I pointed it out to Steve and he filled the bowl for Max to give to George.

George appreciated that his boy knew he was hungry.  He ate from his Max table for a couple of minutes before we moved it to his placemat.  George took a couple more bites, then went to lay down by Max.  Apparently thankful to his person for feeding him when he asked.

Good ol' George.


Elizabeth said...

Wonderful -- I'm happy to meet your George! You know, I invested in a very expensive therapy dog many years ago (nearly ten!), and made this ridiculous decision to work on training her myself in San Diego. I would drive down there with all three kids in tow and The DOG and do a six hour training every other Saturday. I finally came to my senses, and Valentine became a goofy, family dog. Still, she retains some of her early training and when Sophie has a seizure, she sits quite attentively right next to her.

Deana said...

Valentine is a standard poodle too, isn't she? George is great with Max, but would go a little too bonkers with all the comings and goings in the hospital.