Monday, February 11, 2013

Max's opinion...

Max is laying down, preparing for school in a few hours.  Either he's growing, or low on his calories, but every activity seems to take the energy out of him lately.  We should find out a new plan tomorrow to see if we can keep him awake through the day, instead of doing an activity, then cat-napping in between, until the next activity.

He just finished his computer school time.  He loves reading with his class.  Today, while listening to the books his classmate chose to read, Max filled out his valentines for the class.  When we were choosing a name for Max, we wanted long and strong, but easy enough to write when he was learning to write and read.  I'm thankful he's got a short name when I'm helping write on 30 valentines for his classmates!  I think both of our hands get tired!

After reading time with his friend, it's time for read aloud with the whole class.  He usually listens quite well, but the past few weeks have left him upset at the end of read aloud.  They are reading Little House In The Big Woods.  When Max's teacher told me they were reading this, I was so excited!  I role-played Laura Ingles most of my childhood.  To the point that I wore a bonnet as often as I could.

As it turns out, Max is no fan of Little House.  Today, with his talker computer, he tells me in the middle of read aloud, "I don't like that book - it's boring!".  Well, alrighty then.

I love when he expresses his opinions, but hopefully he'll like the next book.


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Thia said...

I wonder if he'd like Farmer Boy?