Friday, February 15, 2013

Batman Valentines...

Max is a lovey kind of a guy.  This year for Valentine's Day, he wanted to make sure that his friends knew how much he cares for them, even though he doesn't get to be with them every day.

That meant Batman needed to come to the rescue.  Batman valentines were the only way to go for this big guy.


Batman, and funky monster stickers, along with a yellow signature made the valentines complete.


And of course, a handmade special valentine for his teacher.


He chose to tell her, You are good, You are sweet, You are cool.


He got lots of sweet treats and letters from his friends.


He loved reading every one of them.  It is always so sweet to see how they all try to find the yellow in a valentine to send to Max.  His bag is practically glowing with yellow valentine notes.


He even had a "Secret Valentine" who made him this awesome puzzle that he got to put together.


Once he finished looking through all his notes from his friends, he asked to "Make Nonni" with his talker.  Ms. J. helped him make a special valentine for his Nonni.  He took one photo and told her "again, again, again", I think he didn't like that photo.  He sat perfectly still and looked into the ipad for the photo he wanted.


He then said "Awesome.  I love you!"

Max spent the evening chatting it up with Batman.  Then drifted off to sleep with his masked buddy by his side.


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