Sunday, January 20, 2013

On making new friends...

Max usually reaches milestones a little later than his peers. Including something as simple as having a friend over for a playtime.

 Max has a new classmate that wanted to come visit Max and hang out since he enjoyed visiting with him on the computer at school. His mom contacted me to see if there was a way to have Zach come over and play with Max, so he could really hang out with him, and not just over the computer. We made sure everyone was feeling healthy, and set up a special play time last week after school.

 Thanks to Max's amazing music therapist, Max and Zach got to have a jam session for an hour. They made their own band!

 Max was a little sleepy before Zach and his mom got here, but as soon as he saw what was happening, he woke up and was ready to play!

 I never really knew what a playtime with a friend would look like for Max. What would the kids do? What would they "talk" about? How would I entertain the friend while taking care of Max too? Once again, I've been taught by a child, that we don't need to worry so much about it. They're friends, and they want to really is as simple as that.

 Here are a few photos of their awesome jam session. Something we'll be doing again, I'm sure. And in the summer, I can see bike rides and swim times too!

Most of the pictures are photographer must have been shaky or moving when she was taking the pictures. But, you can get the idea of how exciting it was.
Max and Zach playing a duet on the keyboard.
The Max and Zach Band. Max on the keys and Zach on the strings. Untitled
Ugh, these are so blurry, but such a funny part of the playtime, so I have to share. Max and Zach were playing their duet, and Max got so excited being by his friend that he rolled right over to be closer to him. As Max has gotten bigger, it's not so easy for him to roll from his stomach to his back, and it took me by surprise. Zach just went with it and kept playing, and we got Max situated again to play along some more.
Untitled Untitled Untitled
Zach did a great job of playing Ms. Laura's guitar, Untitled
And Max listened to him play, and added some back-up too. Untitled
And finally a video...turned on it's side...but you'll get the idea of their playtime together. It was such a special time together! Thanks Zach for being Max's first friend to come play with him!


Junior said...

awesome looks like they had a great time.

Elizabeth said...

I know how much that must have meant, not just to Max, but to all of ya'll! It made my own heart sing and tears come to my eyes -- simple, simple pleasures that so many take for granted. Here's to many more friendships for Max, enriched by music.

CrystalP said...

Blurry or not - I love these pictures. I can't wait to share it with Zach when he gets home from school today. Thank you Max for inspiring Zach to take up his guitar lessons again!

Deana said...

I'm sure Zach will surprise us with how great he gets on his guitar!

It will be fun for them to play again soon!

April said...

I love this!!! I am sure it was a happy milestone for you all!