Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My meteorologist...

Among moms of children with epilepsy, I've often heard talk of our little meteorologists. Forget the fancy green screens and predictions of weather on the 10:00pm news, if there's a storm a brewin', we just watch our kids for the signs.

They may be more tired, they may stay awake all night, they may twitch a bit more, and yes - they will invariably have a seizure.

We've been having weather whiplash here, as most of the rest of the country has this winter.  It will be warm enough for an outside picnic one day, and three inches of snow and freezing temps the next.  You can imagine, that's thrown Max a bit out of his normal routine.

This weekend, we had such nice days that we soaked up the sunshine as much as we could.  We took long slow walks grabbing all the vitamin D we could stand.  Today, the fireplace is on, and the snow on the ground with more of the white stuff on the way.

Last night, Max was up way later than usual.  Grumpy at first, then very talkative once one of us was laying by him, finally going to sleep in the early hours of the morning.  This morning, he was happy to have school time with his classmates, but then grumpy through music - not at all his norm.  By the time his teacher came for school, he did very well and at the end was just exhausted.  I let him nap while he ate, and my little meteorologist woke up an hour later with a seizure.

It was not so long that it needed any special treatment, or that it worried me so much.  (Of course all seizures are never nice to see, and a constant reminder that his brain is in charge around matter what treatment is involved, his brain will always do what it wants, when it wants.)  But, it was enough to upset him, and he cried real sad and scared tears.

For a child who has had seizures his whole life, it has really just been in the past year that I've seen Max have a reaction after the seizures that makes me think that he just doesn't like how it feels.  Even though he would sometimes cry after seizures when he was much younger, he would also just go to sleep, or have a very long post-ictal period where he was just out of it.  He comes out of his seizures much faster now, and has plenty to say about how much he hates them.

I checked the weather once he got calmed down, and had more than usual cuddles, and sure enough - another snow storm is settling in over the mountains.

He's happy and back to his normal self now, but I will be watching to see if my meteorologist has any more predictions coming up.  Hopefully not.  Hopefully we'll swing back to warm and sunshine after the snow hits so we can get outside and play again!


bigsisd2hga said...

So well written for both children AND parents in the world of seizures! Catches the emotions on both sides. When is the book coming out? You really need to publish a Monster Max book.

Elizabeth said...

In my black-humored way, I used to say that you could tell what the weather was like by Sophie's curls and by her seizure frequency. And I always roll my eyes at the denial by the professional community of the correlation between seizures and weather. I myself often feel headachey during low-pressure systems, and there are many people who claim insanity from certain winds (in Switzerland, where my husband is from, and here in southern California), so why wouldn't our exquisitely sensitive children feel it even more so? I wish you and Max some stability and easy adjustments to changes!

Junior said...

Max I sure hope the seizures stay away.

that is so much like Junior, he will have resp issues as well as seizure activity with weather changes.

Deana said...

You all get it. :)

It's much calmer tonight, and hopefully we'll stay that way for a while. I wish good weather for all your little meteorologists too.