Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Flu is all around us...

Flu is all around us!!

We're thankful it has skipped our house, but I thought I should give a yearly reminder to all of those out there hacking and coughing and not covering your mouths and washing your hands.

Yes, you will likely get over the flu without much drama.  You'll take a week off of work and watch movies and eat soup.  You'll feel better and move on.

But, for kids like Max, the flu means hospitalization.  Usually in the most critical care units.  Max can not be vaccinated.  We would in a heartbeat if he could, but he can't, he's allergic.  Extremely allergic to vaccines.  So, we hunker down and stay out of crowds during cold and flu season.  And still, junk makes it's way into our homes.  Sometimes on shoes, sometimes through sneezes from the several visitors a week that come into our house, sometimes through who knows where.  Then Max is knocked down.  Something that might have been a sniffle to you or me, gives him scary high fevers and a threat of admission.  I think the only reason we weren't admitted for those high fevers the other day is because his doctors across the board were more scared of him catching flu than riding out a virus at home.

The CDC published an article stating that children with neurologic disorders are at high risk of death from the flu.  That's why we don't travel.  That's why Max doesn't go to school with his classmates.  That's why we're so adement about not allowing people to come over when they're sick, or have been around anyone who is sick.  This is serious!

So...people, remember kids like Max, and stay home if you're sick.  Don't send your children to school sick and infect other kids who will bring their germs home to kids like Max.  Cover your mouth if you cough or sneeze, into your arm, not your hand.  If you have flu and you must go to work or school, wear a mask.  Yes it looks goofy, but you are spreading a very serious virus around, it's only courteous to cover up.  And wash wash WASH YOUR HANDS!  Yes, you're hands are going to get dry.  Yes, that hand sanitizer does sting.  Yes, lotion does feel gross.  But, it's worth it.  It's worth it to yourself to not get sick, and it's worth it to us to avoid such a terrible illness for Max.


Junior said...

great reminder, we are dealing with this very thing at the moment. Junior is handling it okay but we monitor closely because things can change in seconds and send us to the hospital. If that happens it would mean a lengthy stay in ICU. Junior's lungs are so fragile and even with the stomach bug he has, he was placed on antibiotics to keep him out of the hospital.

Deana said...

Heidi, it's just such an awful cold and flu season this year! I don't remember it being so bad since the H1N1 outbreak. I'll be ready for Spring to get here and germs to go away for a bit!

I hope you both feel better soon!

Elizabeth said...

I hope Max doesn't get sick. I just flew back from the east coast and swear that I acquired some form of the flu during the three days I was there. I'm in bed today, feeling a tad bit better but hoping that I don't pass it along to my kids!

Deana said...

Oh no Elizabeth! My sister and I are traveling in a month, and I think we'll both be wearing masks the entire traveling time!

I hope you feel better and can avoid passing it on to your family!