Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bugs At Our House

Max has been sick.  Thankfully it is not the dreaded flu that is going around like crazy.  And also thankfully we've been able to stay home with it.  He was getting back to school and enjoying it, then got hit hard with this virus.  The fever got high enough to make his doctors want him to come in for tests to make sure he didn't have flu and to check his white blood count.  Everything looked good, and we were able to bring him home to get over it.  He's been super sleepy and feeling cozy in our arctic weather.

I haven't forgotten about Christmas, we had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's celebration.  We were home and together, which was all we wanted this year.  Max's gift choices were perfection.  I'll let  those be special for us, but if you know us in real life, I'll share what he chose for us.  He even got to choose a special gift for himself, and he loves it.


Need a closer look at that?

Max loves his light.  He especially loves holding it way too close to his eyes to stare into it.

Max also got everything he asked for from Santa, and a few things from the rest of us too!  He can make his own One Max band with all the instruments he got!

Hopefully we'll get back into the swing of updates soon...he has a few projects for school he's working on which should make for interesting topics.

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