Thursday, August 23, 2012

Home after 20 days...

Home again, home again, jiggity jig!

Max got the boot out of Children's yesterday afternoon, and we've been going non-stop at home since then!

It's always such a readjustment after these long hospitalizations.  There is so much to unpack, figuratively and literally!

Steve with ONE of the four trips to the car with our stuff. 

Getting back on medicine schedule is always the worst part for me, because it's so immediate.  Let's face it, a pile of dirty laundry can sit in front of the washer for a while, but seizure medicine does not wait.  

Max on his way to his Big Big van from after 20 days in the hospital.

Now that Max is using the J-tube port of the GJ to eat, he's hooked up to his feeding pump 24 hours a day.  That's meant rearranging some things around his chair so he can have the pump hooked up by him all the time.

Then there is learning how to make his new formula, which means measuring to the gram two powders, and adding it to water.  I've not done that since he was a baby!

See ya next time, hospital!  I'm outta here!

And, anytime we come from a long hospitalization, there is getting everything on our schedule, rather than the hospital's schedule.  So, we've had to administer medicines at strange hours in the night, and slowly try to get that on a home schedule.

But, we are getting there.

When we got home yesterday, George was bouncing...quite the walls.  He was so excited and jumping so much that I had to put his leash on so he didn't knock Steve and Max down as they came in the house.

Max and George reunited!

George has stuck close by Max since.

Max came home with a PICC line, and that was taken out earlier this afternoon after getting a couple of infusions of seizure medicine.  And he will be seen by another nurse this evening to re-certify him to the home health company that has hired me to be his Certified Nursing Assistant.  Because he was in the hospital so long, it ran over the recertification time and he was discharged because of it.  We're hoping there are no hiccups to get him, and me back in the swing of things there.

Taking it easy today.

Tomorrow, he has a follow-up with his pediatrician, and follow-ups with all his doctors in the weeks to come.  I think we have eight follow-up appointments coming up before the end of September.  Too bad they all can't just find a conference room and see him all at once!

Best buds happy to be together again.

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