Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Flat Max - San Francisco, CA

Thanks to Max's wonderful friend, Stacey, he got quite a wonderful book on Flat Max's adventure in San Francisco!!  Seriously, Stacey, you should charge for such great scrap-books!  Max enjoyed so much going through his book, and remembering the places he's been in San Francisco, and seeing the places only someone who lives there would know about!  Real Max can't wait to come and visit Stacey and Melody in San Francisco!

So, here we go...Flat Max's Adventure in San Francisco...

Flat Max's first stop in San Francisco is to visit a cable car!
Flat Max 006

Here at Union Square Flat Max can see the cable cars in action.
Flat Max 009

Here, Flat Max, poses with the gate to Chinatown.
Flat Max 015

Downtown San Francisco has very tall building with some surprising art.  Do you see the sculpture of the lady sleeping under the skyscraper?
Flat Max 023

Here Flat Max poses across from the Museum of Modern Art. Look at that boat sticking out of the sidewalk!
Flat Max 022

Flat Max got to go to work at the Yerba Buena Center of the Arts Theatre with his friend, Stacey.
Flat Max 042

Here, Flat Max inspects the ballet barres the dancers use to help them stretch before their performance.
Flat Max 038

Flat Max sees what it's like to be on the stage from the dancer's perspective.
Flat Max 028

Flat Max poses with the theatre auditorium behind him.
Flat Max 030

Here, Flat Max has made friends with the stage crew.  The stage crew is responsible for all the "behind the scenes" elements that make a live show possible.
Flat Max 001

Flat Max got to go way up over the audience seats to see where the lights for the show are.  Look how tiny the seats look from this far up!
Flat Max 037

About 30 feet up from the stage is the mid-rail.  Original stagehands were Italian sailors.  Can you see how much a theatre has in common with a ship?  Look at all the ropes.
Flat Max 034

Flat Max's friend, Stacey, very often runs the spotlight for ballets.  Here, Flat Max gets to check out her bird's eye view of the dancers stretching below.
Flat Max 033

Flat Max and Flat George pose with their friend, Stacey, who is happy to be able to show them around the theatre.
Flat Max 039

As Flat Max leaves the theatre, he notices how pretty the lights are outside the theatre.
Flat Max 041

Flat Max is off to explore the Mission District of San Francisco.  Among other things, it's famous for wonderful produce stands.  Look at all the fruits and veggies!
Flat Max 043

The Mission District is also famous for colorful murals.
Flat Max 044

Flat Max spots another mural.
Flat Max 045

Flat Max points out that the Women's Building has a pretty impressive mural on it.
Flat Max 114

San Francisco is a very bike friendly city.  Many people don't even have cars and have decided to bicycle around instead.  Flat Max is about to go for a bike ride!
Flat Max 051

Flat Max took a pit stop to check out this mural.  Is this what it's like to live under the sea?
Flat Max 054

Flat Max is a fan of opera, he made a pit stop to pose with the San Francisco Opera (the flat ceiling building at the right).  The domed building at the center of the picture is San Francisco's City Hall.
Flat Max 052

Flat Max stops to pose with some boats in the Marina.  Can you see part of the Golden Gate Bridge in the background?
Flat Max 056

Flat Max with the world famous Golden Gate Bridge!
Flat Max 063

Flat Max even got to go on the Golden Gate Bridge!
Flat Max 071

Look at all the sail boats in the San Francisco Bay!
Flat Max 072

From the Golden Gate Bridge, here is Flat Max's view of San Francisco.
Flat Max 073

Woah!  It's a long way down.  Look at how small the people and cars look from the bridge.
Flat Max 074

Flat Max poses with Stacey's bike, the bridge, the bay and the city.
Flat Max 079

On the other side of the bridge sits the Pacific Ocean.  Hello, ocean!
Flat Max 080

Can you guess the name of this island?  It's Alcatraz!
Flat Max 087

Flat Max checks out people walking on the piers.
Flat Max 088

Next, Flat Max passes by the Palace of Fine Arts.  It looks like a lot of people are enjoying the day.
Flat Max 085

Flat Max stops at Fisherman's Warf.  Hey, look, a street car!
Flat Max 095

If you look closely at the docks, can you see what Flat Max saw?  Those brown furry things are sea lions!
Flat Max 096

Flat Max sees Coit Tower and the pointy top of the Trans America Pyramid building.  Both of these structures help to make San Francisco's skyline memorable.
Flat Max 097

Flat Max poses outside the Ferry Building.  Ferry boats leave the docks here to head all across the bay.  What a fun way to travel.
Flat Max 100

Flat Max has noticed that San Francisco has a lot of artwork.  Look, a rocket!
Flat Max 101

Flat Max poses with the Bay Bridge.  Other than its color, another thing that differentiates it from the Golden Gate Bridge is that this bridge is double-decker.  Cars driving into the city are on the top level and cars leaving the city drive on the bottom level.
Flat Max 103

Flat Max poses with the buildings along the Embarcadero.  Can you see the top of the Trans America Pyramid and the Ferry Building's clock tower?
Flat Max 105

Hey, more art!  Someone stuck a bow and arrow in the ground!
Flat Max 106

Flat Max was quick to point out these bony fish swimming on the sidewalk.
Flat Max 108

In many places in San Francisco, shops and business are at the street level while apartments reside on the level above.  Can you tell which is which?
Flat Max 109

Flat Max poses with Mission Dolores, and authentic Spanish style Mission that is one of the oldest buildings in the city.
Flat Max 118

Dolores Park has a new playground just for kids.  Looks like fun!
Flat Max 119

From the top of the hill, Flat Max looks back over Dolores Park at the city skyline.
Flat Max 121

San Francisco is also famous for Victorian houses.  The houses are long but narrow.  Have you ever seen houses so close together?
Flat Max 134

Maybe Flat Max would like to live in a purple Victorian.
Flat Max 136

Or Maybe Flat Max would like to live in a blue Victorian instead!
Flat Max 141

One of the highest points in the city is an area called, Twin Peaks.  Can you see the two hills that may have served as inspiration for the name?
Flat Max 142

What's this?  Flat Max noticed a beach party in front of a house in the Noe Valley neighborhood.  Looks like those dolls are having fun!
Flat Max 143

Goodbye, San Francisco!  Flat Max is ready to head on to his next adventure.
Flat Max 145

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Shachi said...

wow awesome adventure - I love love love SF, even more than NYC. when is he coming over to Sac/Folsom area?