Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bits and Bobs...

What.  Just.  Happened?

On Tuesday night, Max was very upset.  He was awake and screaming and crying throughout the night.  There was nothing we could do, except hold him to make him stop.  So, Steve and I took turns propped up by pillows in his bed holding him while he drifted in and out of sleep.  By 5:30am on Wednesday, he had finally gone to sleep.  He slept straight through until this morning.  So, all of Wednesday Max was asleep, all night Wednesday night, and into the morning Thursday.

When Max started waking up Thursday, he was more alert and happy.  He was still drowsy, but didn't seem to be in any pain.  He had eaten and gotten all of his medicines through the day/night because of his gtube, so I wasn't concerned about him being dehydrated, or not getting his seizure medicines.  I mentioned to Steve that if he didn't start pepping up, I was going to call his pediatrician to see if we needed to take him in because it's just so unlike Max to sleep so much.  He had not had any fever, and had kept all his food and medicine in, so I wasn't too worried, but just curious enough that I would call if he didn't start getting back to his normal self.

At 11:30am, I went to change Max's diaper and saw an area above his pelvis that looked swollen.  I touched it and felt it was hard, and called for Steve to come upstairs.  He was on a work phone call and didn't hear me, so I ran downstairs to see if he could come up.  As soon as he saw it he said, "call the doctor, we're going in.".  I spoke with the nurse in the pediatrician's office and she agreed we needed to bring him in right away.  She thought it sounded like a hernia from the area I was describing.   Because there were not openings in the clinic, she said to take him straight to the Emergency Department, and she would call ahead.

On the way, I called Max's other "primary" team when he's being taken to the hospital for unknown reasons, his Metabolic team.  It's always good for them to have a heads-up that he's coming in, in case tests need to be run, or orders need to be made in regards to nutrition.  We really didn't know what we were headed in for, and with that in mind, I wanted them to be ready in case it was an organ swelling due to his metabolic disease.

It took a while to get triaged and into a room, but once the ED doctor saw us, she immediately thought it looked like his left testicle had moved up.  She sent us over to ultrasound, which found that his left testicle was twisted, and there was no blood flow to it.  Very quickly, an IV was set, and we were signing consent from Urology to do the surgery to bring the testicle down.  Max had this same surgery, only planned, when he was about a year old, only on the right side, so we knew what was involved.

When the doctor got him into the OR, they found that the testicle had lost blood supply for too long and they had to take it out.  It's funny to me to think of all the missing parts Max has now.  Part of his brain gone, part of his colon gone, one testicle gone...he doesn't need any of those pieces to keep going.

I sat with him during recovery, where he needed a little bit of oxygen because he was snoozing so hard from the anesthesia.  Steve had to rush home to pick up George from the vet, because GET THIS, he was being neutered today.  Max was feeling left out and thought he needed to be neutered today too.  George had the whole shebang taken care of, while Max got to keep one of his.  These boys have too much of a strong bond!

All in all, it was a fast paced, weird day.  It's so strange to go in for an emergency...have SURGERY...and still go home the same day.  Discharge was bumpy to say the least, with some miscommunications between teams of doctors, but in the end, we did what we do best.  We advocated for Max that we needed to get him home to recover.  And that's where we are tonight.

Max will be eating through the night, and has pain meds in case the tylenol and motrin don't work.  All in all, he's doing well.  When he wakes, he's drowsy, but happy.  We're hoping tomorrow he'll feel much better, maybe a little sore along with George, who is also resting comfortably tonight.  Even without some bits and bobs.


Junior said...

oh goodness poor Max. Glad the surgery went smoothly and he is home to recover. keeping him in our prayers.

Madame Angela Baggett said...

Wow! You always have to be on your toes don't you. So many times, as I hear about your life, it makes me remember to be so thankful that we are healthy and well. We all have our challenges, but things that may seem hard to us, is not even half of what millions of people face every day and it reminds me to keep perspective, to be thankful and cherish each day. I know you do the same and we are so glad that Max is back home with his family and canine buddy so close!

Madame Angela Baggett said...

Wow! You always have to be on your toes don't you? I am so glad Max and his canine buddy are well and home and recovering well. When I think of what you go through so regularly, it makes me realize again that we are so blessed to have health and even things that are a challenge to us, is not half of what millions the world over face each day. Cherishing each day is so vital. I know you do that, and hearing your story helps us to remember to cherish the small and big triumphs and joys and to take the tough parts in stride.