Friday, January 6, 2012

Robot Boots...

This week was full and frenzied with back to school and therapy fun!  Max did really well to get back into the swing of things, but I found myself dragging along towards the end of the week.

Today, we took Max to get his new AFO's, Ankle Foot Orthosis, or as we call them - his Robot Boots!

Max needs to wear his boots for standing, and his monster feet have outgrown the last pair.  We also got him another set that will protect his boney heels and ankles from all his wild kicks.

The soft set are made of foam, and aren't custom.  They are truly just to protect his feet, and knees, and face and whatever else he gets with those boney heels of his.




Seems as though the only smiling picture I can get of him these days is blurry...he's a flurry of movement!

His second pair that he'll use to stand are quite hard plastic, and hurt when you get kicked with them.  Since it was just me putting these on for him to get a feel for and to get a photo, I only put the one on.  As you can see, he got as much yellow as possible!  These are molded and fitted exactly to his feet.



They are going to work great for him to be able to stand more, now that the set he has will be more comfortable so he can stand longer!

And he thinks he's pretty awesome to have two pair of robot boots!

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CSIAmanda said...

I love this love the AFOs they look awesome