Thursday, January 12, 2012

Photos for You...

Max woke up on the wrong side of his bed this morning.  He's grumpy and groggy, and just wanting it dark and quiet in the house.  George knows his boy is feeling a little down, and is keeping close to him...when he's not standing at the back door trying to convince me he REALLY needs to go play in the snow.

I thought today was a good day to do a photo dump.  We've been so busy with the start of the new year that the photos are adding up without me taking the time to post them each as their own blog post.

George wasn't so sure he wanted to follow me out to the yard with the wild wind that was wipping around.  So, the scaredy dog just stood on the porch and peeked around the corner.


Abbey put her new boots on Max to let him feel the furry insides.  It was like boots with George on the inside!


I find Max in the funniest positions while he sleeps.  This one was definitely picture worthy.  And yes, I did re-position him after I took the photo.


These cuddle-pups were just trying to stay warm last night since it was so cold!


Max made his own pizza a couple of weekends ago at his favorite pizza place.


Max was a lion in music therapy last week.  "In the jungle the mighty jungle..."


Max learned with his classmates about farmers, and counting by 10's.



George is unimpressed with the stair lair.  He prefers to be out with his people.


So, he just figures out a way to make sure I never put him in there again.  Stinker...this didn't hurt him, and I was right there with him, but I won't be leaving him in there now that I know he can stick his peanut head through the gap.  We'll be moving the gate back to the entry way, it just makes it extra difficult to get Max out to his van to have to take it down every time we leave.


Mr. Bright Eyes...back when his tummy was still bothering him, we got out for some rides in his van to make him feel better.


And finally, Steve found a toy that George really loves.  A laser light on the floor.


Gwennie said...

Great pics! George cracks me up. What a personality.

ferfischer said...

Love these pics - the stair lair, how funny. These dogs - they are trouble!