Saturday, November 19, 2011

Max and George...

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It's really unreal the bond these two have already.  The other day, in music therapy, happy feet here cut his toe on his drum.  It started bleeding, and didn't want to stop.

In comes George.  He knew his Max was hurt.  So he gave that little toe kisses, and sniffed it with his wet puppy nose.  And Max kept those happy feet perfectly still for his helper puppy to make it better.

Yes, they are so close, that George really isn't liking being away from Max right now.  So much so that he prefers to have all of Max's bedding in his crate while we're away.  This is the start of some separation anxiety, so we're working on that.  I guess when they're ALWAYS together, George thinks it's for the birds to leave him for an hour!


Oh George!  George!!!  I had put his covers up at the top of his bed.  So, smarty George figured out he could get the covers by pulling the fitted sheet first into his crate, then the covers followed.  The little stinker!  We have to remember...still a puppy...still a puppy...still a puppy!  And, he doesn't like to be away from his boy!!

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Junior said...

awww he misses Max, loves seeing the special bond that George and Max have.