Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Learning Max...

Max and his teacher last year got on really well with each other.  Especially after he stopped crying through his school times with her.  (She can't take that personally though, if you remember, a certain little guy's insides kept flipping on him around that time last year.)

But, at the end of the school year, they said good-bye.  He got a new home teacher this year.  She and Max were having fun learning each other, and learning new things.   But as schedules started filling up for her, the district needed a teacher to focus on the high-needs kids like Max since there were fewer of them, but they need so much attention.  In came Mrs. J. again.  She will be with Max again through most of the school year.  And we may beg and bribe her to stay on past that. ;)

Because, you see, she GETS Max.  She knows when he's being lazy.  She knows when he's joking around.  She knows when it's difficult for him.  She knows when to sit and wait 5 minutes for him to answer her question.  She knows he LOVES Curious George stories.  She knows he loves songs.  She's a great teacher.  And Max is a great student with her.

This week, she brought a Curious George Thanksgiving book for them to read together.  Max was getting a little fussy, so I brought in his Curious George hat, which tied into his sight word time, of pasting a photo of himself wearing his Curious George hat.  I will have to post pictures soon of his book he's making of his school work this year.  It's pretty great so far.

photo (29)

photo (27)

They also had a little light box time, learning about the moon.  Which, you know, shines very brightly in the sky, and is round.

photo (25)

George already knew about the moon, so he slept through this one.
photo (24)

But, when it came time for answering questions about what shape the moon was, Max got downright silly.  First he said it was square, then rectangle.  His teacher said she knew he was joking with her, and he gave her his little crooked grin.  She knows him alright.  He then got around to telling her it was a circle.

George thought all of that was just downright exhausting, so he flipped over to get in some great puppy sleep time.

photo (26)

Max is off of school for the rest of the week for Thanksgiving.  And George will be getting a trim at the end of the week.  We'll be checking in as the week gets on with photos from Thanksgiving fun, and George's new "do".

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Thia said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
It's great they were able to bring back someone who knows Max instead of a new person.