Saturday, June 4, 2011

Keeping our cool...

When the calendar page turned to June, and the heat turned up. Kids like Max don't like the heat. We've learned a few tricks along the way to try to keep him cooler in the hot summer days. I wanted to share them with you all.

There one thing that he wears to keep him coolest is a cooling vest. We put this on him when we go out and about on a hot day. It does get him a little wet, but sitting in his chair all the time definitely makes him extra hot. And moving air on the wet vest acts as a sort of air conditioner.

When we don't want to put the vest on him, we'll either put on a wet bandana on his head, or one of these cooling bandanas.

Another quick way to cool our kids in wheelchairs is to spray with a water misting fan.

When he still fit in strollers, we used this extended shade. It was great, but I wish it would fit on his wheelchair which doesn't have a shade.

Do you have any tricks or gear you use with your kiddos to help keep them cool?


Laura said...

So glad to read this update. Cody does not tolerate heat at all. We've pretty much had to stay indoors every summer for the past three years. Pretty unfair to his big brother who wants to enjoy all the fun summer has to offer. I've been looking at those cooling vests and trying to decide if they would really work...I'm going to place an order today :)

Deana said...

It's worked well for Max...hope it works for Cody too!