Monday, May 23, 2011

Field Day...

When I was a kid, I didn't much care for Track and Field day. It was a day filled with coming in last in most every activity...and a pile of "participant" ribbons. I wondered what it was going to look like with Max and his classmates today.

We hoped some of the activities could be adapted for him to join in, and that he would have fun on the last event with his friends.

We certainly weren't disappointed. His teacher introduced us to his second grade teacher, and we met a few more parents.

But, the center of attention was cheering all of the kids on. Several of them wanted to help with letting Max join in, and they all cheered him on.

Thankfully the rain held off and we got a lot of great photos.


The kids wanted Max to race too, so Steve pushed him along. He raced with his partner at the Botanic Garden last week.


The second race was the wheelbarrow race. That didn't stop his friend from making sure Max got to do the race too. She was his first friend in school. She wrote him the first letter, and was his Skype partner on the news story. She decided to push him, like the other kids were "pushing" the wheelbarrow partners.

Once the other kids saw that Max could be pushed, they all wanted in on the action!


This is again his friend from the video, and his friend from the neighborhood, who sent him "get well" cards nearly every day while he was in the hospital in December. They wanted to push him through the hurdles.


And the sack of the kids thought it would work to put the sack on Max's legs like the rest of them were doing.


Another video, even though I didn't have it in can hear the kids cheering him on "Come on, Max!! You can do it Max!!"

And part of the fun was chalk art, ON THE SCHOOL WALLS!


We heard, "Max, come here, we made you a picture!"




All in was brilliant. My heart is so full for these kids. And the school. And his wonderful teacher. It truly has been his best year yet. He's grown so much this year. We've learned so much more about him.

Now, what on earth are we going to do for three months?!


Susan said...

What a wonderful, wonderful day!

Jim and Diana said...

Priceless friends, pictures and memories!!

ferfischer said...

My heart swells for you!!! No one else I know deserves this type of inclusive experience than you guys. I kind of can't wait for a proper wheelchair that my kids can push around without the fear of tipping over like a stroller!!! I love these pics and videos! And I also love Max's skinny little legs - little boy legs...

Unknown said...

I love this...LOVE this!! Max has the best classmates. I can't read this with out tears, it is just so wonderful!

Thia said...

I'm a puddle.

Deana said...

It was a wonderful day! Tomorrow is the last day of school...I think I'm the most sad about it!

Junior said...

beautiful, what a wonderful bunch of kids that Max is part of. Max I loved seeing you in all those races, way to go.

Deanna, Junior doesn't use AFOs on the treadmill because the therapist said it is nearly impossible to teach a child to walk in braces like his. The ankle can't bend to get the feel of the correct motion and he doesn't feel the treadmill under his feet. when he is without braces like that they are careful to only put a specific amount of weight on his legs and watch that his ankles don't turn. He loves that treadmill.

Lauren said...

SO great! Especially love the sack race!