Monday, April 4, 2011

Blurs and blobs...

"Make your eyes focus on his shirt.", Max's eye doctor said as he held two lenses up to my eyes, with Steve about ten feet away. I strained and squinted, trying to make the words on his shirt sharpen.

But, he stopped me before they got there.

"That's only half as poor as Max's eyesight.".

My heart sunk a little, his beautiful eyes don't see much of anything without his glasses. He goes through life with blurs and blobs...but he's so happy. With his glasses on, he sees pretty well, so that's at least comforting, and a kick in the pants to make sure he has them on!

He did let us know that his eye health was good, which is always something we want to be aware of, since his metabolic disease can cause eye damage. And gave him a new prescription for lenses. But, we told Max we would get some new yellow glasses since he was such a good boy. I'll be calling on those tomorrow!

I really liked this doctor. I wish we would have found him much much earlier. Rather than being so dejected by the first doctor we saw when he was a baby. I wish we would have had him tell us that he couldn't see much without his glasses. That his vision was worse than legally blind. I wish I would have known so he could have worn his glasses more. we know, and now we'll work on keeping the glasses on more.

And, he'll still be my beautiful boy with his beautiful blue eyes...and he'll still have his beautiful smile, because he sees the world in blurs and blobs and colors and songs. Maybe he's got the right idea.


Unknown said...

Max has the most lovely eyes! But I think he "sees" mostly through his heart.

Deana said...

Thanks Rebecca...I agree.