Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let's play in dirt...

School is back in session after Spring Break. On Sunday night, I told Max that he would get to see his friends in the morning on the computer. So, he woke up with the sun ready to visit! The stinker then wanted to sleep through visiting!

Today was better. He got to visit twice today, because they are working on plants in Science. Today they looked at potting soil, and dirt, to see the difference.

Since we're getting our own garden ready, we had both on hand, so I got Max his own samples of dirt and potting soil to look at.


Then his classmates showed him what they were finding in their dirt. There were a couple of worms...which all the boys loved and the girls squealed at!


Max looked at the soil and dirt up close. The dirt was wet because when we went out to get it, there was still snow on it. We just mixed it in once it was in the bag.


In the next couple of days, they'll be looking at seeds. I think they are planting cabbage. We have already planted some cabbage out in the garden, so we may not grow a pot of it for school. But, he is growing sunflowers, which have already sprouted!

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Amanda Jaksha said...

Go Max! You and Ava can compare garden notes.