Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Today was our IEP meeting at the school for Max. Over the past couple of months, his teachers and support team with the school district have been meeting with each other and to evaluate Max to decide what would be on his learning plan, and today was the day to go over that with us all.

Neither of us had ever been to the school before, so once we figure out where we were supposed to be and go, we were greeted by the whole team in the library.

His first grade teacher, based at the school

his first homebound teacher,

his current homebound teacher,

the principal

and assistant principal,

the significant needs support teacher (special education),

and her student teacher,

the school counselor,

the vision specialist,

the occupational therapist,

the augmentative speech therapist,

the speech language pathologist

Is that all?!

Oh...and the district nurse.

It really was a pretty easy meeting. They went around reading aloud their parts to the IEP, making notes along the way if we found anything inaccurate, or that needed to be added. There wasn't much to amend, so I think it went by pretty smoothly.

At the end of the meeting, we got to talking about the possibility of setting up a camera and computer to allow Max and his classmates to interact over video chat. I got teary a couple of times thinking of Max having little "friends". His teacher said she would be happy to come with some of her students that live in the neighborhood to introduce them to Max. She said, he's a part of the class and they all know about him, even though they haven't met him yet. And once they start seeing him on video, maybe we can set it up so they come sit on the porch steps and read to him in the summer. She also offered to figure out a way for us to get his school pictures done.

I never expected in this process of being "homebound" to have such full inclusion with the school. She sent home some "homework" for him to do with his teacher tomorrow. It's an 'all about me' project, and they will hang it up with all the rest of the kids.

I'm so pleased it's gone so well. We have to keep pinching ourselves, because things rarely go so smoothly when it comes to Max.

I guess after 7 years, we're due at least one thing.


Junior said...

I am so very happy to hear that the IEP went smoothly and everyone is so good with Max.
For Junior it has been a battle from the start so I it makes me smile to know it isn't like this for everyone and there are some good schools out there willing to put the effort into giving the best education possible to our home bound kids.

Deana said...

I thought of Junior today, when they brought out a form and asked us what kind of tech devices we needed for him to have at home, since there are funds that need to be used soon. I remembered your struggle to get his iPad, and again felt fortunate to have this team working with us.