Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall is...

Fall is leaves falling.

Fall is pumpkins.

Fall is all about Max.

Screen shot 2010-10-13 at 3.09.19 PM
(Max's school work, writing stories about Fall)

We've had a junky cold here this week. It hasn't gotten us down too bad, but still we've been running a little slower. Today, we got out for a walk in order to soak up some Vitamin D, in the beautiful Colorado sunshine, and take pictures of all the yellow we saw along the way.


He looks like he's sleeping, but he's looking at the yellow flowers. We stop at these flowers every time we take our walk. They are the only flowers tall enough for him to see in his chair.

Blazing red trees...

Wide open spaces, right behind our neighborhood...

Stopping to see the berries...

Beautiful fall colors...

And Max's pumpkins are nearly ready to be cut from their vine. He's just waiting on Abbey to get here on Thursday to do it. He wants to paint his with a yellow face and a yellow "7", he told us on our walk today. I'm sure Abbey will want to carve hers. Either way, we'll be saving the seeds to make sure more pumpkins grow next year!





Shachi said...

Stunning pictures!

Unknown said...

I LOVE all the great Fall photos! I want to try and grow some pumpkins next year. You will have to give me some tips.

I can't wait to see their finished creations!

Deana said...

Shachi, when we dry the seeds out, I will send some to you and Vijay!

Rebecca, if you want a Big Max pumpkin, I can give you some seeds too. Just make sure you have a long run for this type! It actually takes very little space to start growing, in fact, I think it's maybe a foot across where the plant sits in the ground. The rest of it has just traveled along the patio!