Thursday, September 16, 2010


Today, we had quite a long day for such a seemingly short procedure at the hospital.

We've been trying for a couple of years to get his teeth cleaned and xrays taken while under anesthesia at the hospital. He moves around so much, that most dentists take a quick look in his mouth, try to brush them with some floride without gagging him, and then declare him fine until another 6 months. The problem there, we have never gotten xrays of his teeth, we have never had a dentist get a good long look inside of his mouth and in between teeth to make sure he doesn't have cavities.

So this time, we pinned them in a corner and made them schedule him for a cleaning and xrays under anesthesia within a couple of weeks. Only kidding...kind of. We were pretty firm about the ridiculousness of the going round and round with having to see a dentist for them to say he needs to go under anesthesia, only to not be able to get in until the respiratory season is over. Luckily, they had a space magically open up for us, and they squeezed him in today.

We had to be there at 12:30pm...for a 2:30 appointment. Once they got us back to the room, an hour later, they quickly came in and let us know there was a possibility of him being bumped until 4:30 or later. But, they needed to call Metabolic to see if he could continue fasting for that long. Metabolic wasn't terribly worried about him fasting since they had a good amount of IV fluids set up for him. But, I didn't want him to have to be awake and hungry until 4:30, only to be told they had to reschedule us for the day.

Again...magically schedules got moved around, and low and behold, they COULD get Max in at his scheduled time. The anesthesiologist was not very happy that they had put him in such a late time in the day anyway...nor were we, but, we took what we could get. And in the end, it all worked fine.

We went back with him to the operation room, and held his wee little hand while he went to sleep. He always fights the initial gas to put him to sleep, but then he's out cold, and it always makes me a little teary seeing him there look so tiny in those big operation room with tons of people around him.

Steve and I left and went to the cafeteria to eat while we waited. They said he would likely be in there an hour, and it was pretty close to that. The doctor came out soon after we got back to the waiting room and let us know he was finished, and they had taken out the three loose teeth he had. And in fact, the one on the bottom was so loose it came out while they were putting in the xray films. I knew they were loose! He just won't let me get my fingers in his mouth for long to check on them!

She also said his first set of molars were about to come in...and there could be some pain associated with that since he doesn't chew on anything. Ugh...I guess I thought we were done with him getting teeth. This boy has always had seizures when getting teeth. But, we'll see how that all goes. We didn't get to see his teeth xrays, but I am going to ask if we can get a copy. I would love to see them! And also, going along with the theory that kids with MMA Cbl-C don't get cavities, he still has none. :)

Now, for what you've all been asking for...the photos!

Max right before going back for to the OR...he was pretty tired from being woken up so early to eat before having to fast.

And after...he woke up SO happy this time. He's had his fair share of surgeries and procedures, which he has had to be under anesthesia, and we have never seen him wake up like this. Usually, he wakes up so grumbly and mad! This time, we were brought back into post-op and he was trying to sit up in the bed!

Here's a video of the wild one...he was cracking us up!

Tonight, he's a little groggy, but listening to his opera music before bed. Right now, Pavarotti is singing him Ava of his favorites. They did inject him with lidocaine in his mouth for the extractions, so we'll be giving him some pain medicine before bed, as it's surely worn off by now, and his gums are probably a little sore.

I did get one good shot of the toothless wonder...I'm sure we'll get some good ones once he's feeling a bit more like himself in the next few days.


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Junior said...

so cute, love the toothless smile. Glad to hear he did good with the procedure