Monday, September 20, 2010

The Seizure Monster...

Monsters are a most welcome creature in our house. Monsters are not scary...they are totally crazy fun! They are wild, and ornery, and messy, and they make the most awesome roars.

Since Max was born on Halloween, he's always been Monster Max. Before he was born, I found this monster in a store, with the name of Mrax. We hadn't told anyone that our "boy" name was Max, but I told Steve I wanted that monster even if we had a girl.

Mrax was a permanent fixture at the foot of our little monster's bed in the PICU that first year of life. Through his brain surgeries, and his month on the vent from pneumonia, he had a big hairy monster at his side the whole time.


The doctors and nurses all knew about Max's monsters. As the time in the hospital got more lengthy, we got more monsters to surround him with. They were furry and colorful, but mostly, they had special powers to keep the really bad stuff away.

Max was so sick...and he was having so many seizures...that we needed something meaner than the seizures to keep them away. So, at nearly every hospital stay, a monster makes a trip with him. Sometimes it just a little monster, but it helps.

Right now, we're really fighting the seizure monsters...and I think we might have to get ou the big Mrax Monster to let them know he's in charge, not them. Fun goofy, ornery monsters are always welcome in our house...mean, debilitating, life sucking seizure monsters are never welcome.

Since having his teeth worked on last week, Max has had a lot of seizures. In the past few days he's had 15 seizures. While sometimes he just is so worn out from them, he rolls over and just sleeps, this morning after he would have a seizure, he would look at me and pucker out his bottom lip and cry. He hates them as much as we do. While we're more adept at treating them, it never - NEVER gets easier to see your child have a seizure.

We could use your help...please send your best monstery thoughts our way. It's time to roar those terrible roars and send the seizure monsters on their way. We're ready for our little guy to get back to his normal monstery self...without the yucky seizure monsters hanging around.


Thia said...

Definitely! You got it!

Maria Hopfgarten said...

You need a sign!!! Seizures go Away! I am sending positive energy your way tonight that tonight and tomorrow will be better. As you know, Max is the biggest fighter, and he will win this fight as well!

Lots of love, Maria.

Shachi said...

Sending loads of "monster-go-away" vibes.....and hugz n prayers!

Jackie @ Capable Kids Clubhouse said...

bye bye monsters!