Sunday, August 1, 2010

The life of a child...

Yesterday was Samantha's memorial service. Steve and I went, while my sister and brother in law stayed with Max and Abbey.

I didn't know what to expect with the funeral of a child. I have been to funerals before, but only for family, and only for the old. Saying a final good-bye to a child, seemed like it was going to be extremely different.

And it was, but in a beautiful sort of way. I've had a hard time putting my thoughts to words on the service yesterday. It may sound cliche but it truly was such a beautiful experience. The family were in the front, sitting together , hugging and crying and laughing together. I have no worries that Heather and Bart won't be cared for and loved in the days and weeks and months and years to come.

There were plenty of tears shed. For our friends, and their family, but also, there was a bedtime story from her dad, and there was laughing, and singing songs with Sam's music therapist. There were balloons, and stuffed animals. And there was much love.

The thing that always struck me about Samantha, was how she could stop you in your tracks to just marvel at her. She didn't have wild movements like Max...she was graceful in her movements. Like a little dancer. There was a point, when we were sitting by each other in the opera that I couldn't stop watching her. She was watching, and listening, and had her hands together, as if she were considering all they were singing. I really loved watching such a little flower.

Once again, yesterday, she had everyone stopped, slowed down, marveling at the beauty of her short, extremely meaningful life. Yes, we will miss her. Her parents and family have a long road ahead continuing on without their little perfect girl. But, I hope they remember the love and stillness of their friends and loved ones yesterday, and feel like the road is just a little easier knowing they are not alone.

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Unknown said...

Your words are perfect and beautiful and yesterday was perfect and beautiful too.

I too did not know what to expect. The service was a fitting send off for such a unique soul. I was comforted when I saw your face in the crowd. So many different people brought together by one little girl.

I know this touches you in a way that is even more painful because of your Max. Hugs to you!