Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lazy days of summer...

Whoever came up with the phrase, "The Lazy Days of Summer", must not have had children. Because, I have been anything but lazy! Except for when it comes to the blog!

We've been going to doctor appointments, and EEG's, and dinners with Supermoms. The blog has been put on the back burner, but I have gotten enough done today that I feel okay about plopping Max in front of Dinosaur Train for a few minutes to knock this out!

In Occupational Therapy last week, Max painted!
painting for Abbey

(Yes, he is wearing a hospital gown as a smock!)

He wanted to paint California for Daddy, since that's where he was...and Max wanted to be!
Max painting "California" for Daddy
That's the ocean, and big trees, and sand, and Max in the bottom corner.

He wanted to pain Elmo for Adeline...
Max painting for Adeline

And a video of him painting for Adeline...

And Week 5 of the monster pumpkin...
Garden 2010 Week 5

with my hand to give perspective at how huge this thing is!
Garden 2010 Week 5

And, a few videos of Max playing with the computer...

He's wearing a sock because he's trying to scratch his eyeballs out because of his awful allergies!

And to round it up, Max got his new Chill-Out Chair today! Can you tell he's excited?
We were saying YELLOOOOOOOW!!!!!!

It's huge...but way groovy, and he can grow into it!

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