Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Notebooks...

I have always been a note taker. When doctors visits became a weekly event, I relied on my notebooks to make sure the huge amounts of information we were receiving was kept close by, so I could go back and look up all the new phrases and words that would become our everyday vocabulary.

I have a set of seizure journals as well...I've kept them all with their scribbles and notes...some people have baby books...I have every seizure of my child's first year of life documented in a Where The Wild Things Are notebook.

I have had several notebooks through the years, and they usually rotate out. But for some reason, I have had these three for the past couple of years that I continue to go between. I guess I could consolidate them, but for some reason I haven't. Probably don't want to take the time.

They are full of invaluable information, phone numbers to nurses, and doctors, but also grocery lists and drawings from Max. Lots of reminders to myself to call this person or email that person. I always have them nearby, and usually in Max's bag when we head out the door.

With all the nifty note-taking apps out there, I certainly could find a better system than this...but then, how many note-taking apps have a front cover of Wonder Woman as a reminder every time you pull it out to take a note?


Lauren said...

Okay, I realize that the reason for taking notes in a seizure journal is not fun. But that is pretty awesome that you have it. Look at all these amazing journal/notebooks you'll have! Those along with all your blogging...it should really all be published one day. It could be titled "The Year the King of the Wild Things Turned the World Upside Down." Or something equally long... Maybe that should be the subtitle.

Deana said...

I look at them from time to time...count how many seizures I would record in one day. 10, 20, 50, 75...
How he is the wonderful little Max he is today, with his brain doing all of that nonsense is a wonder to me.

One day that book will come...for now, I'm just collecting notes. :)