Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It takes a village...

We're camping out at Children's Hospital tonight, again.

Max had an awful evening Monday, and was throwing up a lot. This morning, I made his special formula for when he's sick...mostly sugar water, but a precise solution. He's supposed to keep 2.5 ounces down each hour for us to be able to stay home and treat him.

He couldn't keep any of it down, so off to the pediatrician we went. Did I mention Steve has been out of town since Sunday night?

Dan, my brother in law, picked up Abbey from her fencing class, and brought her back to the house. Then my friend Susan came and picked up Abbey and Olive (our dog). Dan pulled the van around and helped me get Max in, and my sister, Angie, came to get their daughter to follow us down to the hospital.

His regular pediatrician was out today, so we saw one we hadn't seen before. She was good and efficient, but she didn't know Max, and we ended up sitting for two hours , waiting to be taken up to a room. I think in this situation, I maybe should have gone through emergency. When we go that route, we call our metabolic docs and they have everything ready and waiting for us.

So, we finally got into a room, and in start all the residents and nurses in and out and in and out asking questions. The Children's Hospital in Denver is an amazing place to have when you have a kiddo like Max. But sometimes telling his story a bazillion times over is exhausting!

They were very slow going this evening, and only got his IV set and fluids going once I rattled some cages. He's resting...kind of right now. At least, he's stopped vomiting, after they gave him some medicine to chill that out. Now he's mostly just fighting with the IV that was placed in his foot. Remember, Max is a kicker!

We're hoping to be on our way home tomorrow. But we shall see! Steve should be here any minute...and then I may very well collapse in a heap.

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Jackie @ EasyStand said...

Hope things get back to normal for you soon....