Thursday, July 8, 2010

Courage Classic...

I have these SuperMom friends. We do fun things like go out to dinner once a month, and have family picnics, and share our best chocolate treats. But we also do things like visit each other when our kids are in the hospital. And pass on equipment and clothes when our kids outgrow them. One of our supermoms, Heather, is about to take a crazy long bike trek through the mountains for our kids, to raise money for The Children's Hospital, in The Courage Classic.

Heather put a video together to help raise donations for her ride, and in a roundabout way, it got to the local NBC station, where they made a commercial out of part of it. Head over to Heather's page to see the original video, it makes me cry every time.

Max made the commercial, so I've had friends and therapists emailing and calling me..."I saw Max on TV!". I feel proud that Heather wanted to include him in her video, and that he is in the commercial spot too. Children's Hospital has been such a huge part of our lives. The doctors and nurses that work there have taken such good care of him, and saved him time and time again. I am happy we are able to play a part in raising funds for such an amazing place. His huge smile in this video is a big THANK YOU!

Jenny, Cici's Mom, captured it on tivo, and got it put on I'm hoping it will stick around for a while for everyone to see it here. We're waiting for an "official" copy from the news channel. So, if it goes away, we'll hopefully get one again. Cici is also in the video.

If you would like to donate to the Courage Classic, please do it underSamantha's Team Donation Page. All the money goes to The Children's Hospital. But Heather has made a goal for her team, and has nearly reached it. Plus, Sammer's birthday is coming up...and I'm pretty sure she would love for her mommy to get some donations in honor of her. And Max would appreciate it too!