Saturday, June 5, 2010

Back too soon...

We landed ourselves in Children's Hospital again yesterday. He had some vomiting, we think due to reflux, and a slight fever. We had to bring him in to see his pediatrician, and they observed him for a few hours before admitting us, because he wasn't really taking in a lot of fluids. He was just on a polycose solution yesterday, and wasn't having any wet diapers.

We were up on the floor by 6:00pm, when he fell asleep. He slept through getting an IV placed, all the doctors checking him, and alarms going off. He woke up at about 8:00 this morning a LIVE WIRE!!!! He's had 6 wet diapers...and eaten twice without issue.

I told him as he was waking, if he could eat and keep it down, and was GOOD we would get to go home and we would get pizza. (His favorite Saturday activity!)

So every doctor, nurse, housekeeping person who comes in he yells "I GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!". It's cracking us up. Thankfully the attending doctor just came in and got a dose of Max's goodness and said we're ready to go home, and they're getting us started.

But, because we've had 2 hospitalizations in a week, our doctors are giving us the "no-go" for travel to NIH right now. We were set to leave next Wednesday. We're talking with them about going later in the summer. But because we have to drive with Max, we have to make sure he's feeling great before we make that long trek. I have to say, I'm pretty bummed about it, because we were making this into a vacation, seeing family along the way, and visiting friends in DC. But, we'll just have to do all that later. We sure didn't want to get stuck in a little town with him having seizures we couldn't stop, or have a sick day.

We've got our fingers crossed that we're out of here Max can have his PIZZA!!!!!


Leanne Stewart said...

Thinking and praying about you guys.

Junior said...

so sorry to hear you ended up back in the hospital but glad you are getting to go home.
Max is so funny, I would be excited about pizza to.

Lauren said...

Max, I know exactly how you feel about that pizza! I love pizza! And I would do whatever it takes to make sure I get some in my belly! You ARE a good boy!

Deana said...

He tried telling me in the middle of speech therapy this week he was ready for more pizza!! He's obsessed!

Jackie @ EasyStand said...

I hope Max is doing better now and has satisfied his pizza craving too!