Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It was all yellow...

Lounging guy
(Max relaxing in the cool breeze, taking up three seats in the house.)

Oh for goodness sakes...it's only Tuesday.

It feels as though it is at least Thursday! It's been another weird wild week so far. Max's seizures are hopefully on the down swing. I talked with his neurologist today, and we'll watch him for a few more days to make sure the medicine increase works. We'll take him in next week for an EEG to see if his brainwaves are all good too.

He had a doozy again yesterday morning, which left him with the tremor on his right side. It got to the end of the evening and he was just in a continuous tremor on his entire right side. Steve and I took turns putting our weight on his body so he would calm enough to go to sleep...which is the only thing that makes the shaking stop. This is not seizures, but just involuntary movement that can be brought on by him having seizures. He finally did stop last night, and got a good night of sleep. And no tremors or seizures today. Whew!

Today, he wanted to try "yellow"...his favorite word to say, and his all-time favorite color. When I asked Steve if he was ready for lunch, and what did he want, Max says, "eLLL-Luuuhl-eeeeeLLLL"...his own special version of yellow.

So I gave him some banana to chew on. He took several bites, and each time we would say "yellow", and while he said it, the banana would move around in his mouth until he swallowed it. This helped him just enjoy it instead of gagging or choking on it. I also only let him bite off pieces today, no spoon feeding. He seems to like that best these days. He ate about an inch off of the banana...pretty amazing for a kiddo who has been opposed to anything being in his mouth for a year!

This evening, when we were on our walk, we saw our chiropractor who stopped to chat on his way home from work. He told Max hi, and Max said, "eLLL-Luuuhl-eeeeeLLLL!!!!!!". I am guessing he was excited to tell him all about his yellow experience too.

I'll leave you with a video of the silly yellow boy telling us his age...he's got such a sense of humor!

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Junior said...

so cute, great video.

For your question about ipad apps. Junior loves the ifireworks, airhorn, iglowstick, teach me kindergarten, toystory readalong, all the music apps, many of the art apps, the disney app, bowling, paper toss, iaquarium, and tons more, lol, he loves the ipad. I am working on a list to post on the adaptions blog.