Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sunny boy...

A half of a second after I took this photo, hot-shot PURPOSEFULLY made his pin-wheel spin with his hand!

Max doing OT on the front porch

It was a record breaking warm spring day today, so we took advantage of the warmth and changed things up with occupational therapy on the front porch today.

With Max's growth, he's changing in what keeps his interest. He's wanting to be more independent...and is getting bored with the same old therapy. So, I'm really having to come up with new ways to keep his attention.

We got new playdough for him to smoosh his fingers in today. And a bubble gun, which he thought was unimpressive until the bubbles flew into my face! And the pin-wheel...which was his favorite toy today.

He was in the shade, or so I thought...he came inside with pink shins! Oops!! We'll have to make sure next time he's all the way covered!

This evening we took our regular long walk, and he was doing his best to get his legs out of his trailer/stroller. He's making up for a winter of being cooped up, and is trying to soak up all of the sunshine he can!


Junior said...

Way to go Max. Send some of that sunshine our way.

Junior said...

I think the straps you are seeing is where Junior is in his Leckey High/Low Advanced Seat. They are actually flexible laterals with a strap that pulls them together around his chest. They work really well to keep him positioned but are also well padded and comfortable.
Here is a link to the chair, just click on the accessories tab to see the laterals.http://www.adaptivemall.com/leadsesi3.html