Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Something new...

Today, I got Max in his wheelchair for a while, where he played with his pinwheel for a good 15 minutes! He continuously made a purposeful movement to make the pinwheel turn with his left hand! We were so impressed!

He sat in his wheelchair for an hour, which was very tolerant of him. We are trying to get him in it more and more, to try to get him to tolerate it for longer periods of time.

Later in the afternoon, I got him in his stander for a little bowling. We were working on his standing, and his fine motor skills at the same time.

I got him warmed up to play by draping his mylar blanket over his tray for him to play with. He loves that he can make sound with it by barely touching it.


Then it was time for Wii Bowling.

I was helping him through the whole game, so I placed the camera on the mantle in order to try to get a video. I took a photo at the end of the game to capture the score.

Max's bowling score

He got a spare and a strike...or as I told him, two strikes! He was just thrilled to knock the pins down!

Tomorrow, I think we'll try to use his wedges for some new positioning. Maybe on his side. And use his large therapy ball to stand against and BOUNCE!!!


Junior said...

Goooo Max, that is awesome.

Great video, Junior also loves playing the wii, his fav sports game is the baseball.

Deana said...

I'll have to try to get some video of him playing with his pinwheel too! We've never seen him purposefully play with something that doesn't flash and play music! :D

HeatherS said...

The Wii Bowling is a great idea! It's also just fun to see you and Max interacting....lots of love there :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Our computers don't like each other, Deana. I can't get the video. Nonetheless, enjoyed reading about his bowling. I'm not conversant on the many variations of Wii. That is a different screen than the one we get, but the score is very impressive!

I have always tried for a goal of 2 hours sitting. Can he learn weight shift for pressure relief? (I don't know how much he can move himself.) Wrinkles in clothing can make sitting uncomfortable - but you probably know that. Just sitting stuff.

Off to read your other post.

Maria said...

Hey Deana,
I love that you can bowl together! It's a popular game in our house as well, but Jacob typically watches his sister go wild!
Take care, Maria.

Jackie @ EasyStand said...

Great bowling Max! That score is impressive... it's a alot more fun to hit 100 pins then the "traditional" 10! Great pics and video Deanna, Thanks for sharing. They Mylar blanket is also so simple, but probably very stimulating for him.

Deana said...

Heather and Maria, He can't really do any of the games on his own, but he LOVES to play against his sister! She's a very good big sister and lets him win from time to time...she can't let him get too cocky! He really loves to play baseball against us all. He pitches a mean screw-ball!

Barbara, Max is ALWAYS moving, unless he's asleep. Which is why he gets out of position so quickly in his chairs. He is never in one place for two hours!!! Sometimes I wish he would tolerate one place for at least two hours.

Deana said...

Jackie, the 100 pin bowling definitely gives him the most noise! Which is what he's always aiming for!