Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Even with his constant growth, Max still has to have support to sit, and positioning. His weight, along with the low tone, causes him to want to either lay flat, or have someone holding him up properly.

Therapy has become a 3 adult event, in order to get him in the right position. And while there are all kinds of gizmos that help with positioning for kids who have low tone and coordination, they cost a ton, and no one pays for them!

When these "not medically necessary" items are needed, I go to the web trolling for equipment. I look on Craigslist, I look on Ebay, and I keep an eye out on our online Special Needs Parent's Support Group, Parent to Parent CO to see what I can find.

A couple of days ago, someone posted about some wedges that I hadn't heard of. They got them from another family, and wanted to pass them on to the next family because their child had outgrown them. I quickly looked them up, and knew this would be a great fit for Max. I emailed the mom and set up a time to pick them up.

They are called Unishape Adaptive Equipment. We got the three wedge set. I have no idea what these cost brand new, but they have been through two special needs kids, and still look brand new!

Max's therapists are going to be over the moon when they see them. I have to admit, I'm pretty geeked out!

Here are a few photos of Max in his new Unishape positions. You can click on the link above to see all the different ways we will be able to use these. Each piece comes apart to move into different positions...hopefully that's easy to see on the photos. There are a lot of different pieces.

Positioning system



Tummy time

Tower of wedges

The moral of the story is...someone else trash, in this case very expensive trash, is another piece of freedom for Max!


Mark Saro said...

Deana, Thanks for sharing the photos of Max in our equipment and the great testimonial. From seeing the photos, I am assuming you received some information as to how to connect the components but we are always happy to help if you have questions. You can reach me at or 970.245.1098. Regards, Mark

Deana said...

Thanks Mark! I sent an email about some more info! We're really impressed with the Unishapes!

Junior said...

Wow these are amazing, I had not seen them before.

Deana said...

Thanks Heidi! We're going to be meeting with Mark (above) in a few weeks to get some more ideas about how to use them! They have been the best positioning pieces we've ever had. Max prefers to sit in his "wedgie chair" more than any other place. We've used them in therapy, and taken them to our friends house so he had a comfy place to sit instead of his wheelchair for our visit.