Sunday, January 17, 2010


"I would like to get a vehicle that we can as a family ride around in comfortably and safely and for long distances."

I wrote that on my non-resolution post at the beginning of this month. This weekend, Steve flew out to Maryland to bring our new van home. He drove all day Friday and Saturday, getting here around 2:00am Sunday morning.

It's a 2006, Dodge Sprinter.

A magnificent beast of a vehicle. A monster, really. And just what we need for Max. Yes, we could do with a bit smaller car for the necessities, like Max's wheelchair and a bench seat for Abbey to sit on. But, nothing else. AND...the biggest issue...Max's size. He's already so tall, and heavy that it is very difficult for me to do his diapering in the car by lifting him out of his seat to the floor. This van will allow us to do his care while standing up, and putting him on a bench. Less strain on us all.
Here we are getting ready for a diaper change...
(With room to grow!)

And...there's room for the whole gang!

This was a special treat...Max and Addie loved being by each other in the car. Something that hasn't been able to happen since she was a teeny tiny baby. They are sitting in the front row of seats, but we'll take that row out for a wheelchair lift (yet to be purchased), and that's where Max's wheelchair will just roll right in and be parked.

Max enjoyed his first ride in HIS van. He got comfy right off...

Yes...I think we'll need to move that front row and move him back before getting the lift!


HeatherS said...

Whooppeee!!! No more toes in your ears! Congratulations :)

Deana said...

Just in my ribs!!! :) It really is great! Now we just have to work out the funding to pimp it out. I'm thinking a queen size bed in the back, and shag carpet on the walls.